Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Weekend OOTD!

My first OOTD (outfit of the day) edition is going to be a fun one! My personal style is very much inspired by pin-up girl fashion, and I'm not ashamed to say that it can border on cutesy/costume-y at times, but I think I was fairly tame this 4th of July weekend. It was all about the SHOES this year!

On Saturday, I attended a backyard bbq with some great friends, good food and drinks and lots of fun! Here's what I wore! I chose to forego jewelry, since I don't really enjoy wearing it when it's hot and sweaty outside!
Dress-Walmart (!), shoes and purse-Harajuku Lovers
Normally I don't really give Walmart's clothing department a second look, but this little dress caught my eye when I went to pick up groceries! It's surprising, too, because I normally don't buy or wear blue. I fell in love and dropped everything else I was doing to try this on. What I love most: You can wear it a whole bunch of different ways, depending on how you tie the sash--it's like 10 dresses in one. I think I will get many wears from this one! I paired it with my favorite nautical-inspired wedges from Harajuku Lovers--my feet wanted to be patriotic, too!
Nautical Wedges, Harajuku Lovers

On Monday, we were off to another backyard bbq, followed by fireworks in downtown St. Paul. We had a prime spot with a gorgeous view of the river! I wore one of my favorite dresses; here's a picture taken with my little princesses...
Dress-Torrid, Shoes-Harajuku Lovers
I took the opportunity to break in a recently-acquired pair of wedges, also from Harajuku Lovers. These babies are TALL, yet very comfortable despite the ultra-high platform. They are definitely the tallest and some of the most adorable shoes I own. Yes, those are little plastic ants crawling up the sides of the "basket". Too cute!
Picnic wedges, Harajuku Lovers
I hope you all had a fun, safe holiday weekend!


  1. Like you I don't look at Walmart anymore. Nothing there and I have complained! I used to get at least Tshirts and pants there but even that is slim pickings.

    I usually shop at CJ Banks, Yonkers or JC Penny. Yonkers is a bit pricey for me but they do have great sales.

    Thanks for stopping by Family Literacy today. I'm following you back and will give you a stumble! =D Tina "The book lady"

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  3. Lovely! Those shoes are so cute!

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  4. You look stunning.... and the wedges oohhh the wedges... I LOVE it

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