Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review! Clairol Nice & Easy Foam Hair Color

Okay bargainistas! Is your color looking a little drab and in need of a pick-me-up before summer hits? I had the opportunity to try the Clairol Nice & Easy Foam hair color today and, well, why didn't I think of this? Non-drippy, easy to apply hair color that you can do yourself! Sounds great, right?

My raven tresses were in desperate need of a root touch-up, so I gave it a shot. I used the "Black" shade.

-Foam is easy to apply and not runny.
-Color looks fantastic
-GOOD latex gloves included
-bargain over salon color
2 packets of after color conditioner included


-the smell (I don't mind "normal" hair color scent, but they tried to make this smell good, and it just didn't work for me!)
-did not cover more hair than regular hair color, as I have read from other sources (I have uber-thick hair!)

I was pretty happy with my results! I think I would get this brand again! I think the foam definitely went a bit farther than a normal liquid/gel color, but if I were doing a full color job on my long, ultra-thick hair, I would definitely need two boxes, so keep that in mind if you're like me!
The result! Crow-head once again ;)

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