Tuesday, June 7, 2011

No-Fear Swimsuit Shopping!

I've noticed a trend in fashion magazines like lately... There will be a guide to buyiing something like a swimsuit or a pair of jeans based on your body type (busty, boy-shaped, pear-shaped, etc). While I'm glad that it seems there has been more of an effort to include a "plus-size" option, this assumes that all plus-sized women are the same shape! Why can't plus styles just be incorporated into the different types they offer? Beautè Gras is here to help.

While doing some suit-scouring of my own, I found some super cute plus options that will work for an assortment of shapes. Here are my faves, and I have tried to include a range of budgets as well!


$123.20 @ Lane Bryant!
I love the pattern of this suit from Lane Bryant. A suit with built-in undrewire gives you the ability and support to wear a sexy, slightly plunging neckline without spilling out of your suit! The muted pattern gives you an all over balance.

$34.80 @ Forever 21!
The sweetheart neckline on this cute little nautical number provides the cup-coverage that you need when you are blessed with a little extra on top. The cross-back straps give you extra support.

Apple Shaped:

$34.80 @ Forever 21!
 This stylish tankini from Forever 21 has the perfect splash of yellow to help the illusion of a curvier waist and the black bottom against the zebra print creates contrast for more separation and definition of a curvier figure overall.

$24.99 @ Target!
I know, I know, this is another zebra print, but it just happens to be perfect for apple shapes, too! The shape of the print/color blocking on the front of the top helps create the illusion of a curvier shape.

Pear Shaped:
$34.80 @Forever 21!
This tankini from Forever21+ has colorful stripes and a cute peephole and tie detail to draw the eye to the top, and the skirted bottom provides coverage for an ample bottom! This is a very youthful choice, which is nice to see in a plus style, where skirted bottoms generally look matronly.

$32 at Walmart!
How retro-cute is this?? I'm loving the teal, but it even comes in black, red, and leopard print too! (I have it in red AND leopard, ooh la la!) The detail at the bust line draws the eye upward and the ruching across the tummy helps accentuate a narrower waist. Flaunt those curves!

$24.99 @ Target!
Of course hourglass shapes come in all sizes, but the commonality among them is that the waist is a the narrowest point with pretty balanced top and bottom. This suit from Target allows you to pull off a cute print while still accentuating your narrower waist with the strategically placed pattern/print.

$103.60 @ Lane Bryant!
The angled ruching on this adorable polka dot suit is perfectly placed to define an hourglass figure. This particular suit has underwire and slimming technology for extra support and comfort as well.

$48.30 @ Torrid!
Zebra print, again! The v-neck and fringe detail on this literally point to the place we want to most accentuate with this saucy suit!

Happy shopping!


  1. wow that walmart one is super cute!! Im going to have to look for that :)

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  3. Awesome, Sara. Thanks!

    @Kim, like I said, I have 2 of the Walmart one (bought red last year and leopard this year) and it's the most flattering suit I've ever had! And I feel comfy in it, too!

  4. Well thats a no go :( My Walmart didn't have them and you can't get my size online.

  5. Cute suits! My favorite is the polka dot one from Lane Bryant.

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